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Mobile Teeth Whitening Services in Los Angeles, CA at Attractive Prices

Carte Blanche Teeth Whitening Los Angeles is a company that offers you a professional mobile teeth whitening service in a relaxed environment at select locations and at a price that is very reasonable and attractive. Stay on this website to learn more about our innovative products and mobile services in Los Angeles, CA and theĀ other areas we serve.

What do we offer to our clients?

Dental whiteningWe offer you the fastest and most effective teeth whitening system available on the market these days. We also offer mobile services which means you can benefit from a professional mobile dental whitening service in the comfort of your own home in or around the Los Angeles, CA area. These services will give you a dramatic makeover in less than 20 minutes.

Why would you need our services?

Whether your teeth are stained with coffee, tobacco, red wine, or just the effects of time, our professional system guarantees you a celebrity smile in minutes. And because we are mobile, our assistance suitable for parties and pampering sessions for special events at your own convenience.

How do we do our work?

Cosmetic teeth whitening is one of the simplest procedures that gives instant results if done right. So we make sure to use the proper whitening agents (a good peroxide gel) and an appropriate accelerator. The cosmetic procedure is very simple. We apply the gel to your teeth, put a cold blue light directly in front of your teeth and run for 15-20 minutes per treatment. We can perform from 1 to 3 treatments on each client during the session, and the more you have, the better the results.

Most customers will get impressive results while a few will get a less dramatic outcome, but we know 99% of our clients are completely satisfied with the end results of our professional teeth whitening service. To learn more about the special packages we offer, or what else we, at Carte Blanche Teeth Whitening Los Angeles, can do for you, check out the other pages on this website.

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Great experience as a new customer. She saw me on time and explained everything she was going to do before she provided the teeth whitening service. She was very friendly and accurate. Left my teeth feeling amazing!

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